Kay has been doing office support work for me for two years now.  Specifically, at the end of last year, she did an extensive amount of research work for me and assisted with the creation of multiple short marketing videos.  She grasps new programs and concepts very rapidly. She has worked for me both in-office and remotely. Both situations have worked very well. Kay is conscientious and follows through well on any questions she might have and always leaves a thorough accounting of completed work and notes on progress at the end of each of her sessions.  I have been very pleased with the work Kay has done for me and not only will continue to use her services but highly recommend her as well.


DeskZen is a fantastic resource! I don’t always need a consistent administrative employee, but when I do, I can always count on DeskZen’s skills, flexible schedule, and excellent workmanship to help manage and elevate my business. Creative content writing, editing, scheduling, and social media marketing are my go to services, but Kay has helped with some event coordinating and fund-raiser planning as well. Her years of experience in professional administrative work combined with her Masters degree in writing and linguistics makes her a powerhouse of a resource and would make an excellent partner or member in your creative or management team.


Kay has been doing some organizational work for me recently as I take my 30-year-old freelance art business to the next level.  Her efforts have included data entry, getting my inventory and contact lists uploaded into a new art tracking computer program, as well as organizational activities as I try to create a more streamlined and organized online gallery and computer image files in my VERY scattered computer files.  She has been a great help and is really understanding about the disorganization that comes with the filing of images during the artistic creative process. I have really loved working with her to date and look forward to doing so quite regularly in the future!


Working as an actor, performer, and event producer means that I actively juggle stacks of tasks and communication threads for extended periods of time. In order to keep up with the demands of my profession, I chose to designate some of my administrative tasks to Kay. Kay’s gifts for organization, distillation, and prioritization have been invaluable to me because they are able to sort through my daunting to-do lists and artful language to precisely deliver the essence of what I need to communicate to others. They also clearly communicate with me regarding which puzzles they have solved on my behalf, which puzzles will require my direct attention and additional resources for my projects. Kay’s administrative expertise allows me mental space to maintain healthy creative contributions to my freelance career, so I encourage anyone who has too much going on to trust Kay to open up space for you.


Independent Artist

Kay’s administrative contributions to The Chicago Poetry Brothel included coordinating a GoFundMe for production costs, promoting our show via social media, editing the show’s script, refining and distributing a press release, and working with a cast/crew of thirty people to create an immersive literary cabaret. They also performed in the show and were among the most organized members of our ensemble in terms of timeliness, preparation, and willingness to contribute. We recommend having Kay on your team!


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