Our Services

We offer content writing and copywriting, video editing and creation, receptionist duties (phone and email),
email inbox management, calendar coordination, proofreading and editing, blog/social media management,
research and reporting, transcription, and data entry.

Content and Copywriting
(including listicles)

One of DeskZen’s most popular services is the creation of content for blogs, websites, brochures, and a broad range of other formats. Some of our specialties include email writing, marketing copy, listicles, website content, press releases, and more. Our on-staff writer has over 10 years of experience, a Master’s degree in linguistics, and is well-equipped to meet any and all of your writing needs.


Video Editing and Creation

We also offer basic video creation and editing services, especially for promotional and/or educational purposes. Videos are created through Magix or Adobe Premier Pro. While DeskZen does not provide professional videography or narration services, we are specialized in the creation of the informational slideshow-style videos that are increasingly popular in online and social media marketing.



Receptionist Duties
(phone and email)

DeskZen staff pride ourselves on our exceptional phone and email etiquette. Our staff have many years of experience managing phone and email response for a variety of professional organizations, including responding to customer queries, B2B outreach, recording automated voice messages, and cold-calling.



Email Inbox Management

Email can be one of the most daunting and seemingly unconquerable aspects of running a small business. Our staff provides a variety of services for all your inbox-management needs. This includes spam deletion, folder creation, sorting and filing, forwarding (as appropriate), creation of form letter responses for common inquiries, and setup of auto-replies.



Calendar Coordination

Managing your calendar involves many aspects, from time-consuming data entry, to appointment setting, to rescheduling meetings, to double-checking appointment times. It’s easy to lose track of it all. DeskZen can help you manage your busy schedule.



Proofreading and Editing

Nothing looks less professional than typos and unclear communication. We offer basic proofreading and editing services to banish all typos and to ensure your punctuation is on-point. A premier service we offer is in-depth editing and critique for style, tone, and voice to help you grow and develop your own writing skills for your professional communication needs.



Blog and Social Media Management

Staying relevant has never been harder than it is today. Companies must stay constantly engaged online and on social media. We offer social media management services to ensure that your streams and feeds are consistently putting forward click-worthy content to engage your followers, generate interest, and increase revenue.  As a premier service, we also offer in-depth SEO services; this service can be bundled with our copywriting and content creation services.


Research and Reporting

What do you need to know to help your business run better? We can help you answer that question. Whether you need to find out which of your local government offices is in charge of zoning in order to build your new facility, or you need to research and compile a list of local art galleries to submit your work to, or you need to discover which accounting software is best for your business, we can find out. Our detailed yet concise reports lay out all the answers in an easy-to-digest fashion.




We offer services for transcription of both visual and audio files. Whether you need your hand-written notes collated and compiled into a digital document, or you need an hour-long conference call digitized into a searchable .pdf, we have the experience to do the job.



Data Entry

Data entry is perhaps one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of running a small business. It needs to get done, yet this tedious task can tear you away from big-picture, big-ticket items that need your attention. DeskZen staff has an incredibly close eye for detail, as well as the thoroughness to ensure the job gets done correctly.

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